The Dark What?

The Dark Web. The name used to describe an ominous area of the internet where crime, drugs, hacking, and other malicious activities run rampant. It might sound mysterious, but it’s actually quite true.

On average, the general public only experiences about 10% of the surface level internet in our daily activities. Searching, shopping, social media, email, work-flows, calendars, all things we interact with daily are part of the surface level. A good portion of what remains is categorized as The Dark Web. An area on the internet of encrypted websites and communities accessible only through dedicated routes and most times utilized specifically for criminal activity. They’re inaccessible from common browsers. You won’t find them in a general search engine. Yet they are a haven for criminals looking to buy, sell, develop and utilize hacking software, stolen credentials, complete identities and more.

So, what’s the big cause for concern? Why is this dark and mysterious area of the internet such a headache for IT Service Providers and Security Experts?

It’s not just a headache for these teams, it’s a problem faced by all industries and individuals no matter the size or value of their information. The Dark Web is a treasure trove of stolen information that hackers and criminals can use to hold your personal or business data ransom, commit identity fraud, compromise your financial and medical records or worse. Once your information is stolen, it is often sold to the highest bidder and paid for using crypto-currencies that make it nearly impossible to recover or track down the culprit. So what can you do? How do you defend against an area most us of cannot even get to?

Monitor, detect, and recover…


Average value of credentials sold on the Dark Web.

Think about this for a second…Your entire life’s work. Your Personally Identifiable Information. Credentials, banking information, and more…sells for less than $1,200 to online hackers in Dark Web communities.

Technician Monitoring Computer System

We'll send our experts in so you can stay worry free.

With Dark Web Monitoring services, our systems can be setup in minutes to routinely cross check your personal and/or business accounts against known hacking forums and outlets for any compromises using the latest technologies and human intelligence available on the market.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Estimated cost in damages and recovery caused by criminals.

Security experts predict that the cost of downtime, data loss, and recovery will continue to rise, topping $1 Trillion dollars in the coming years.



If your information is out there, we'll find it.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that if your information is on the Dark Web, we’ll have the best chance at finding it. Our experts generate daily compromise reports which are then analyzed, validated, and provided to you when a detection occurs.

Real world results delivered on the double.

Technician Reading Report From Computer System

More than just a simple status report.

We’ll provide personalized insights and recommendations to help you take back control of your information based on the type of breach that occurred. From changing passwords, to monitoring your banking information, and everything in between, you’ll get one-on-one interaction with our experts.

It’s your information. Keep it secure.


Ready to start defending your information?


Next level training right at your fingertips

Empowering yourself and your team with the latest knowledge about the cyber world will help everyone become an active member in protecting personal and business data from misuse.

If you’re interested in taking your security to the next level, we recommend incorporating a Cyber Security Training & Awareness program into your organization. It’s a proven way of reducing the potential threat to your business and encourages your staff to be on the front lines of defense.